Open hours

Cinema Equipment Room Hours

Wed - Friday: 9am - 4pm

Postproduction Labs Hours


                        Checkout Schedule:

Mon.     Student Returns/Classroom checkouts only

Tues.    Classroom/Student Checkouts

Wed.     Classroom checkouts only

Thurs.   Student return/ Classroom checkouts

Fri.        Classroom/Student checkouts

No Check-Outs after 4pm.

Contact us

Cinema Department Office

Location: FA 245

Phone: 415-338-1629

 Cinema Equipment Room

Location: FA 126

Phone: 415-338-6534

 Please note:  All Equipment Reservations are subject to change.

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Students may asks question during a weekly zoom meeting called "Virtual Equipment Room"  every Wed and Friday.  Please copy the link below and paste into your browsers URL. 

 Friday 12-1pm


Wed evening 7-8pm





More information on Rentals, locations, Permitting and how and when to fill out required forms please contact the tech staff in FA 436 or FA 125